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This series brings together the best minds and insights of a diverse group of food retailers and other industry experts to discuss their strategic initiatives and their top of mind challenges. Our focus is around health and sustainability, e-commerce and retail innovation. The Modern Shopper series aligns with Spoon Guru‘s core mission to help retailers discover a seamless, personalized and accurate product discovery experience for shoppers based on their dietary and lifestyle needs.

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Wednesday Nov 30, 2022

YFood brings together a global community of companies and people looking to shape the future of food. Nadia El Hadery, YFood's founder and CEO, has gained some unique insights into food tech over the years, and she sat down with Phil Lempert to chat about the current and future evolution of grocery, and the key fundamentals of relevant customer experiences.

Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Zeeshan Idrees is the CEO of digital innovation platform, IndustryGeniuses. He has 20 years experience in digital strategy, and is a consumer trends champion, tech investor, digital transformation leader, global go to market strategist, and editor in chief of B2B industry newsletters. In this great episode he spoke to Phil Lempert about reinventing grocery with emerging technology & nutrition science. 

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

As the Director of the Healthier Lives Coalition for the Consumer Goods Forum, Sharon Bligh is responsible for driving the health and wellness agenda of the leading global platform for the consumer goods industry, both retail as well as packaged goods. She spoke to Phil Lempert about her work to empower consumers to make healthy decisions and adopt healthier lifestyles.

Thursday Nov 10, 2022

In January 2022, Schnucks launched their innovative Good For You program designed to help their shoppers make healthier food choices both in-store and at home. With the initiative having been very well received by media and customers alike, Allison Primo, Health & Wellness Strategy Manager at Schnuck Markets, spoke to Phil Lempert about the objective of the program, how it works, and what they hope to achieve from it.
The Modern Shopper is hosted by Phil Lempert for Spoon Guru.

Thursday Jan 20, 2022

As the CEO of Mercatus Technologies, Sylvain Perrier is a true thought leader in the retail-technology industry. He sat down with Phil Lempert for today's episode of The Modern Shopper to share some valuable insights on the sustained growth of e-commerce, the big challenges for retailers today, and how smaller grocers have a superpower that they can really use to differentiate themselves.
The Modern Shopper is hosted by Phil Lempert for Spoon Guru.

Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Jane Wilcox has 30 years grocery experience, starting out as a bagger and moving up through the ranks. Having joined Fresh Thyme to lead their new City Foundry project in the middle of the pandemic, she has some great insights into the challenges and opportunities the US grocery industry is currently facing.
The Modern Shopper is hosted by Phil Lempert for Spoon Guru.

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Today's guest is Jessica Siegel, Staff Dietitian at Gelson's Markets for over 20 years. In this episode Jessica shares her thoughts on the importance of having consistent messaging around healthy eating, the value of tapping into trends like grab & go, and some of the challenges and opportunities for Retail Dietitians today.
The Modern Shopper is hosted by Phil Lempert for Spoon Guru.

Thursday Dec 23, 2021

Phil Lempert speaks with Beth Johnson, the Founder and Principal at Food Directions LLC. With over 25 years of food policy experience serving inside and outside the government, Beth has some great insights to share!
In this episode Beth and Phil discuss the front-of-pack systems helping shoppers to meet their health and sustainability goals, and Beth shares her insights on why defining ’healthy' is so tricky in the first place.

Thursday Dec 16, 2021

Today's guest is Allison Delaney, Program Lead for Stop & Shop Nutrition Partners. In this episode Allison talks to Phil Lempert about innovating private brand products to meet shoppers’ health, wellness, and budgetary concerns, and shares some great insights into the development of Stop & Shop’s Nature’s Promise products and the potential presented by e-commerce. 

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